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Madina Institute seeks to identify students who have the potential to be the upholders of the Quran and Sunnah, an embodiment of the prophetic character, and competent thinkers who will contribute positively towards the betterment of this world.

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More than 500 students and seekers have benefited from Madina Institute’s academic programs. Hear what they have to say…

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One of the questions we should ask is: what are we inspired by God to do? Is it to seek endless inspiration as an end? The answer is reflected in the very word which describes knowledge: ‘ilm. When the last two letters are flipped, it gives you ‘amal: action. And what is the first step and foundation of any action? Knowledge.

Ahmed Deeb,

Imam & Resident Scholar

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At Madina, I finally got to ask the questions I was always scared to ask. The immeasurable knowledge I received at Madina Institute provided the clarity I was looking for.

Suhayla Saudin,

Graduate Student

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In addition to the fundamental knowledge a Muslim needs, I gained a familiarity with the methadology the scholars engage with the Quran and Sunnah. Moreover, the God-centered academic approach has greatly impacted my work as a Master’s student at Harvard University. When reading papers, I find greater ease in understanding, deconstructing and replying to arguments.

Abdur Raheem,

Graduate Student

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The program is a force of nature- each day is filled with so much effort that due to its very essence, it is impossible for us students not to grow. (And InshaAllah, all growth is towards Allah Ta’la). From one week to the next, we can see and feel such a drastic change within ourselves.

Sara Abu Alrub,

Entrepreneur & Photographer

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Studying at Madina Institute not only helped me become a teacher in Islamic studies but also helped me become an Imam and Community leader.

Muaaz Kalla,

Faculty, Imam & Community Leader

One year in

Class of 2015

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Madina Institute seeks to bring hope, growth, and opportunity to all human beings as a place of deep theological reflection. We understand that people can be both seekers of knowledge and believers of faith, each solidifying the other. Currently we offer programs covering various fields including Islamic Sciences, Arabic Language, Islamic Chaplaincy & Counseling, Leadership, Contemporary Islamic Thinking etc.

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