In-Person Programs

The Madina Instiute Islamic Studies programs offer comprehensive studies in following course categories – Islamic Sciences, Arabic Language studies, Islamic Leadership, Islamic Chaplaincy & Counseling and Contemporary Islamic Thinking. The core Islamic Sciences cover courses in Quranic Sciences (Ulum Al-Quran), Hadith Sciences (Ulum Al-Hadith), Theology (Aqidah), Islamic Law (Fiqh), Legal Theory (Usul Al-Fiqh), Prophetic Biography (Seerah), Islamic History (Tarikh), Islamic Spirituality (Tazkiyah) etc.

Program Offerings

Weekend Foundational Islamic Studies Program

Islamic Sciences In-person

The Weekend Foundational Islamic Studies is a light seminary study program for working professionals, students or homemakers in Atlanta, GA & surrounding areas – mature teens & adults who want to seek deeper knowledge & guidance but need something that will fit in their busy schedule.

One Year Intensive in Islamic and Arabic Studies

Islamic Sciences Arabic In-person

This One Year Intensive in Islamic and Arabic Studies program is designed to give students a firm foundation in the core Islamic sciences and Arabic language.

One Year Intensive in Arabic Studies

Arabic In-person

The One Year Arabic Studies program is designed to give students the skills necessary to understand the Quran and other classical Arabic Islamic literature.

Certification in Islamic Chaplaincy & Leadership

Islamic Sciences Islamic Leadership Islamic Chaplaincy In-person

This Certification in Islamic Leadership & Chaplaincy provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn the basics of Islamic Chaplaincy.

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