Online Islamic & Arabic Studies Programs

The Madina Instiute Islamic Studies programs offer comprehensive studies in following course categories – Islamic Sciences, accredited online islamic studies, Arabic Language studies, Islamic Leadership, Islamic Chaplaincy & Counseling and Contemporary Islamic Thinking. The core Islamic Sciences cover courses in Quranic Sciences (Ulum Al-Quran), Hadith Sciences (Ulum Al-Hadith), Theology (Aqidah), Islamic Law (Fiqh), Legal Theory (Usul Al-Fiqh), Prophetic Biography (Seerah), Islamic History (Tarikh), Islamic Spirituality (Tazkiyah) etc.

Program Offerings

Online One Year Islamic Studies Program

Islamic Sciences Arabic Online

This Online One Year in Islamic and Arabic Studies program is designed to give students a firm foundation in the core Islamic sciences and Arabic language.

Online One Year Arabic Studies Program

Arabic Online

The Online One Year Arabic Studies program is designed to give students the skills necessary to understand the Quran and other classical Arabic Islamic literature.

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