Intermediate Usul al-Fiqh Course

This event has passed January 20, 2022

​​In keeping with our dedication to developing traditional scholarship in the west, we are excited to present students of knowledge with another opportunity to grow and deepen their understanding of the Islamic sciences. This is an intermediate-level course in Usul al-Fiqh, a cover-to-cover study of Lubb al-Usul, the legal theory text written by Shaykh al-Islam Zakariyyah al-Ansari along with its commentary. Recordings will be available for students who can not attend the sessions live. The prerequisite for this course is to have successfully studied multiple primers in Usul al-Fiqh such as al-Waraqat and Mukhtasar al-Manar or equivalent texts. Students should also be proficient in Arabic reading comprehension. For any questions please contact

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