Interfaith Dialogue


Interfaith dialogue is an important part of the Muslim comminuty effort to integrate into society and develop relations with followers of other faith traditions. Muslim community leaders must possess the skills needed to develop such relations with the other faith systems in their communities.


– Importance of Interfaith
– Introduction to Christianity
– Introduction to Judaism
– Prophetic Model of Interfaith
– Controversial Topics


– Demonstrate an understanding of of the importance of interfaith
– Demonstrate an understanding of the Abrahamic faith systems
– Demonstrate an understanding of the prophetic model of interfaith


Interfaith Dialogue I

Credit hours - 1
This course is designed to train students in performing quality interfaith work in their communities. It is also designed to enhance communication and empower American Muslims with advanced-knowledge drawn from traditional Islamic sources, as well as from recent academic research. The course encourages Muslims to practice Ihsan with love and respect for all, while maintaining compliance with the Holy Quran and the model practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him and his family).