Religion is sincerity

Sincerity determines the purity of all our actions. This is specifically true with the religion. It is for this reason that the Messenger peace be upon him stated “The religion is sincerity”.

The Greatest Creation

From among all those whom Allah had favored, the one He had favored the most is the Messenger peace be upon him. However being from the Ummah of the greatest of creation bears great responsibility.

The People of the Book and their Scripture

There are many lessons for us to be learnt from the address of the Quran to the People of the Book. In the People of the Book we have an example of the relationship between a people and their revealed scripture over a long period of time. How are those lessons relevant to our relationship with the Quran?

Lessons from the Story of Musa AS

From amongst the hero’s throughout time who stood up to the oppression of tyranny, Musa is of the greatest. The lessons to be learnt from the life of this great Messenger of Allah are many, from standing up for the oppressed to sole reliance upon the creator (Taqwa).