Madina Institute Morocco Arabic Program – Spring 2023

January 15, 2023

Madina Institute is excited to announce our Morrocco Arabic Program, a 6-week Arabic program in Marrakesh. The program is for students at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of Arabic knowledge. The program will run from April 1-May 15, 2023

The program will entail 15 hours per week of Arabic Contact hours, and a total of 90 hours (equivalent to nearly 2 semesters of Arabic in an American university system). The classes will run from Monday-Friday: 9 am -12:15 pm with a tea break in between.

Additional activities (once a week each in the afternoons or evenings) will include Tajwid / Speaking partners (English/Arabic exchange, for higher level students only) / Guest Lectures or Site Visits (various masjids, maqams, Imams, Shuyukh, etc.), and Dhikr Gatherings (Optional).

 Students will also enjoy a Weekend retreat where students will travel and spend a night at a guest house in the countryside at the mid-point of the program. 

The Accommodation for the first 1-2 nights will be in a hotel to allow for students to rest up and get oriented to Marrakesh. After that students will stay with Moroccan host families, (around 2 students per family). This would include breakfast and dinner daily and lunches on the weekends. Group lunch will be offered once a week.


The cost of this program (including everything mentioned above) is $3500.

**This program is contingent upon the receiving of 20 approved applications. If the number of approved applications is less than 20 the program will not proceed. 

Activities that are not included in the cost:

  • Other optional activities – Hiking trips in the outskirts of Marrakesh, 
  • Weekend trips to other cities.
  • Weekday lunches – 4 days per week students would eat out on their own
  • Taxi and bus transportation within Marrakesh
  • Personal Incidentals (toiletries, extra clothes, gifts, souvenirs, etc.) 


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