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Sh. Nafisur Rahman

Sh. Nafisur Rahman


After graduating from highschool in 2008, Shaykh Nafis engaged in ḥifẓ in Masjid Taqwā and completed it in Georgia Islamic Institute in 2009. In the same year he went to Johannesburg, South Africa to pursue a 7 year ‘ālimiyyah course in Dārul ‘Ulūm Zakariyyā. In 2015 he received ijāzah in the seven qirā`āt in the ṭarīq of Imām al-Shāṭibī. In 2016, he received ijāzāt in ḥadīth from the senior shuyūkh of the madrasah. After graduating in 2016, he pursued a 2 year course in ‘ulūm al-ḥadīth which he completed in 2018. Thereafter, he pursued a 2 year course in iftā` in Dārul ‘Ulūm Zakariyyā which He completed in 2020. Currently, he serves as the resident scholar in Masjid Uthman in Dunwoody.

Courses Taught

  • Islamic Law (Hanafi) I
  • Islamic Law (Hanafi) II