muslim culture philosophy


There are many widespread philosophies in the contemporary world that influence and effect the world view of unaware Muslims. Therefore the study of philosophy plays a key role in facing contemporary challenges. This subject is designed to equip students with the tools needed to navigate such challenges. The courses offered under this subject will ground the student in a firm understanding of the history and development of Islamic Philosophy. They will also equip them with a proper understanding of the development of many western ideas by studying influential modern philosophers.


– History of Philosophy.
– Metaphysics.
– Epistemology.
– Origins of modern Philosophy.
– Flaws of modern Philosophy.


– Understand the principles of Islamic Philosophy.
– Demonstrate a proper fundamental understanding of Islamic thought.
– Recognize the roots and development of modern philosophy.
– Recognize the flaws of modern philosophy.
– Represent and critique some of the influential ideas proposed by modern Muslim thinkers.


Islamic Philosophy I (Introduction to Islamic Philosophy)

Credit hours - 1
This course is an introduction to Islamic Philosophy. This course will include a study of the history of the development of Islamic Philosophy as well as major Islamic Philosophers. Students will also study important topics in Islamic philosophy such as metaphysics, analyzing issues pertaining to causality and free will, and epistemology, investigating issues pertaining to reason and revelation.

Islamic Philosophy II (Understanding Modern Philosophy)

Credit hours - 1
This course is a study of the history and development of modern philosophy. Students will cover the section on the history of modern philosophers found in Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s book, A Young Muslim’s Guide to the modern world.

Islamic Philosophy III (Survey of Modern Islamic Thinkers)

Credit hours - 1
This course is a survey of modern Muslim thinkers. Students will study, analyze, and critique the ideas proposed by contemporary Muslim thinkers in their attempt to resolve modern challenges.