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Traditionally the journey of a student in pursuit of knowledge of the Sacred Sciences was not limited to Academic development. Students of sacred knowledge were taught the importance of service, experienced spiritual development, and developed lifelong bonds with their peers and teachers. At Madina Institute we strive to offer our students a wholistic experience of a seeker of knowledge in the form of good company, a spiritual environment, and personal development opportunities.


Developing companionship with teachers and like-minded seekers is an important part of the journey of a student of knowledge. We recognize the instrumental role that righteous company plays in pushing students to maximize their potential in their studies and their worship. It is through these companionships that lifelong friendships emerge. We at Madina Institute provide ample out-of-class opportunities for students to develop such relationships with their teachers and classmates.


The purpose of seeking knowledge is to attain the pleasure of Allah, to put the knowledge into practice, and to grow one’s spirituality. We ensure that we provide an environment that does not just stimulate academic development but is also conducive to spiritual growth.  Students will develop a personal relationship with the Quran through daily personal Quran recitation, participate in daily and weekly reminders and Halaqas, and pray weekly Qiyam al-Layl.


At Madina we offer various forms of recreational activities for our students such as Hiking, park picnics and Barbecue, calligraphy courses, outdoor sports, ping pong, student well being circles, Archery, and horseback riding.


An important element in the development and growth of a true seeker of knowledge is service and giving back to the community. Traditionally students of knowledge would serve by cleaning masajid, serving food to the needy, and serving masjid attendees. These actions would instill within them humility, while ingraining within them the importance of giving back. At Madina we provide various opportunities for our students to give back such as participating in Bite for Barakah (feeding the homeless), refugee work, planting trees, Adopt a Road (Road Cleanup), and Masjid Khidma (Masjid service).

Student Growth

We recognize the importance of providing students with the tools and skills needed to be community leaders in addition to the Academic training they receive. To stimulate student growth Madina provides students out of class opportunities such as leading Halaqas, participating in youth development projects and Khutbah training opportunities.

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quran tafseer

In addition to the fundamental knowledge a Muslim needs, I gained a familiarity with the methadology the scholars engage with the Quran and Sunnah. Moreover, the God-centered academic approach has greatly impacted my work as a Master’s student at Harvard University. When reading papers, I find greater ease in understanding, deconstructing and replying to arguments.

Abdur Raheem,

Graduate Student

quran tafseer course

Madina Institute’s One Year program instilled in me hope to become a community leader and I returned home with more than I could ever imagine to offer my community.

Maleeha Darab,

Entrepreneur, Activist & Calligraphy Instructor

quran tafseer classes near me

One of the questions we should ask is: what are we inspired by God to do? Is it to seek endless inspiration as an end? The answer is reflected in the very word which describes knowledge: ‘ilm. When the last two letters are flipped, it gives you ‘amal: action. And what is the first step and foundation of any action? Knowledge.

Ahmed Deeb,

Imam & Resident Scholar

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Madina Institute offers campuses across the globe, with our headquarters located in Duluth, GA, USA. Each campus offers various programs and courses. The USA-based. Madina Institute offers campuses across the globe, with our headquarters located in Duluth, GA, USA. Each campus offers various programs and courses. The USA-based.

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